At Fit4Life we pride ourselves on having some of the very best Personal Trainers in the fitness industry.

Personal Training

You will receive undivided 1-2-1 attention designed to generate the best results in the shortest time possible

As mentioned above at Fit4Life we aim to get you results as fast as possible, our ethos is to leave Clients with health, fitness and nutritional tools for life, Our Instructors will help guide and educate you regarding your training methods and nutritional choices, this will help you not merely attain short term results but instead guarantee longevity in regards to lifestyle changes!

Ask Yourself…

Are you looking to lower your body fat %, build/tone muscle or get fitter?

Maybe your an Athlete looking to improve your overall performance levels within your chosen sport?

Or are you apprehensive about training due to a particular medical condition?

At Fit4Life we pride ourselves on having some of the very best Personal Trainers in the fitness industry.

Our Personal Trainers are vastly experienced in a variety of different skills, activities and sports.

View our trainers profiles below and select the best trainer for you!


Leah Kiely

Personal Trainer

I serve as a catalyst for all clients ready to smash their health & fitness goals. Working with my clients as a team is crucial to our success and our team ethos is pretty simple; you get out what you put in. Therefore I always strive to deliver fresh, challenging programmes and make sure I am on hand for support 247 between sessions. In turn, all I ask is my clients bring their best efforts to every session and follow the plan provided. Simply put; our combined efforts guarantee fantastic results, every time.

Life is too short to be bored witless eating dry chicken and enduring monotonous training sessions with a militant trainer, hence I massively prioritise making each client’s journey enjoyable, goal orientated and sustainable. So, although my clients give their all every session, we also find time in our sessions for a good laugh too.
I kick start and sustain client’s progress with a mixture of functional, weights and cardio training, combined with a clean nutrition plan that works for them. I find that integrating enjoyment and fitness reaps the best long term rewards and am passionate about helping people find this balance.

Fat loss, Gain lean muscle, Pre & Post Natal fitness, Tough Mudder style events, Build a bum, couch to 5k, Get wedding dress ready …. Whatever your Body Goals, I guarantee results.

To achieve your Body Goals, Contact Me:

Tel: 07921005163
Email: leah@bodygoalspt.co.uk
Facebook: Body goals personal training

Colin Lever

Personal Trainer | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Nutritional Coach

I value health and strength – being mobile, feeling strong, lean and fit makes me happy and confident. I support, educate and motivate people on their journey to improving their health. I have come to appreciate that everyone is different. Everyone has their own individual struggles and they need their own personalised approach to get them into a regular exercise routine they enjoy and a diet that suits them. I specialise in working with my clients and encouraging them to work together by focusing on 2 key aspects…
1) Nutritional Coaching – Educating people so they understand how food effects their bodies. How to implement a flexible diet that someone can follow for the rest of their life and not just for 6 weeks.
2) Strength and Conditioning Coaching – Improving the ability to move well. Increase strength, speed, power and endurance. How to structure a long-term training programme for anyone from a complete beginner to an elite athlete.

• Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• BTN Academy Nutrition Coach
• Olympic Lifting Coach
• Metafit, TRX, Kettlebell, Spin and Circuit Instructor.

Skiing, gymnastics, skateboarding, making lists (more of an OCD issue) Olympic Lifting and encouraging anyone and everyone to get some aspect of lifting into their gym routine.

Interested in Training with me 1-2-1 or in a small group? Chat with me in person whenever you see me in the club! Head over to my Facebook Page www.cleverpt.co.uk or contact me on 07506723386. Alternatively drop me an email – colin@cleverpt.co.uk

Claire Moran

Personal Trainer

If you are passionate about what you do then the results speak for themselves. I am a strong believer that achieving your fitness and health goals should be an enjoyable experience. I love being able to be a part of someone elses fitness journey and helping them achieve their transformation. I am passionate about bringing people together so when I start training a new client they not only have the support of myself but of the rest of my clients to ensure they have the best possible experience. Lets do this together! #teamfullstack #f3personaltraining

BSc Hons in Sport Fitness and Coaching, Level 3 Personal Trainer, First Aid

Rugby, Strength Training, Cycling, Martial Arts, Dancing on my Spin Bike

Mobile: 07999756266
Email: F3personaltraining@gmail.com
Facebook: F3 Personal Training
Instagram: F3 Personal Training

Shauna Smith

Personal Trainer

Fitness is here to be enjoyed! It provides us with the chance to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. The best part of fitness is that you get to follow endless fitness ventures.

As a passionate Certified Personal Trainer, my role is to provide motivational exercise strategies within a positive and fun environment. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses they just need their own individual approach to help point them in the right direction. Using my knowledge and experience I dedicate myself to each session in order to tailor to the individual needs of my clients. This means motivating them to leave their exercise comfort zones, increase their confidence, help them achieve their own personal goals, overcome personal obstacles and help them realise the importance of exercise and healthy eating
Every goal that we meet is another venture waiting to start, filled with continual improvement and astounding progress. I’m very passionate about what i do, and i give my full support to all individuals during their fitness journeys.

With the help and motivation of others we can achieve our personal goals no matter how big or small, we just have to be stronger than our excuses.

Whether your looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, tone and sculpt, increase stamina, train for a sporting event or get holiday/birthday/wedding ready, I guarantee results.

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Circuits Instructor
Group Fitness Instructor
Certified First Aider

Running, Bouldering and Rock climbing, Walking, Outdoor Boot Camps, Reading and Trying new things.

Interested in personal training?
Then head over to my Facebook page SMPT.
Alternatively call me on 07585801556 or email me on shaunamariept@outlook.com.