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Walking into a new gym environment can be a daunting prospect for most people in the embryonic stages of their fitness journey.

Just a few common contemplations of new gym goers.  

 How do I know what to work?

 Will I decapitate myself if I set that machine up wrong?

Are people looking at me, and judging my newbie technique?

Why are treadmill minutes so long?

Fear not, The Fit4life coaches have compiled this nifty list of hacks to banish ‘Gym Anxiety’ to the realm of quashed fears for good:

1.  Work with a coach – A coach is crucial in teaching proper technique, structuring your workouts, setting up machines … and overcoming any other hurdles there may be in making you feel confident in the gym. If paying a trainer isn’t an option for you, a free gym programme with a coach is still an excellent introduction!  

2. Try a class – Fitness is supposed to be fun… yes Fun! Classes are a fun, social way to meet likeminded people at a similar fitness level to You and get results. You can benefit from the motivation of a coach and the support of your fellow class cronies too.

3. Get a workout buddy – Instead of meeting for a calorific coffee and cake, why not meet up with your friend at the gym? Training with a friend means you have a support system on hand and can make it all seem a little less tedious in those early stages before the fitness fan bug takes hold of you.  

For best results, try all 3 of the approaches listed above and bask in the glory of your tremendous fitness progress 90 days from now .