Group Personal Training


1-2-1 ATTENTION in a group environment

We only want ideal clients that truly want to change, we need to know that you fit the criteria for our programmes.

1 – Are you able to invest a minimum of 2 hours per week to work out?
2 – Are you looking to lose 6lbs of fat or more or build muscle ?
3 – Are you open to changing your nutritional habits?
4 – Are you motivated to achieve your health and Fitness goals?
5 – Are you friendly and coachable?
6 – And can you keep a secret?…

What’s included?

  • Choose between 8, 16 or unlimited sessions per month
    *Note – our premium unlimited sessions package includes nutritional supplements, t-shirt and hoodie
  • Full Access Pass to Gym, Classes and Saunas
  • Exclusive, Private Training Studio
  • Expert Coach providing full motivation and support
  • Group PT Welcome Pack
  • Access to Fit4Life App to track training/Nutrition
  • Private Support Group
  • MyZone access to track results
  • Receive £50 cash for every friend you refer
  • Ebook series

Success Stories


In 2013 I began a rehabilitation programme following serious spinal surgery. This lead me to becoming fitter and healthier and to losing the weight I had battled with for many years. I had found a new love for both strength and functional training but in the past 18 months I had allowed other things to get in the way and my gym training had become zero. I was determined to get back to where I had left off but found I had lost my confidence in programming my own routine.

After meeting Leah at my induction, I decided to sign up to an initial block of sessions with her to get my routine and programme back up and running. 3 months later I am still having sessions twice a week with Leah! This has given me structure and, I’m loving ‘lifting heavy’ again and combining this with functional training to improve my movement for the other sports I play. Leah’s sessions are fun, challenging, and unpredictable - no session is ever the same! Leah offers support and advice not only during sessions but also away from the gym via text and email. I’m looking forward to continuing working with her to keep achieving and smashing my goals!


Hi, My name is Lisa and I started group PT about 9 weeks ago. How was I feeling before? Mainly anxious and frankly frustrated. I had some motivation but no information. I needed help and guidance. I found the gym environment stressful and unwelcoming. I had tried on numerous occasions to find a gym and had in fact purchased a membership but had not been able to attend due to anxiety.

How do I feel now?
Happier and a little more confident! When I attended my first initial taster session I struggled getting out the car. I sat in the carpark for what felt like hours psyching myself up, then eventually entered the gym with tears in my eyes. I’ll be honest I thought I’d made a mistake but Leah was really relaxed and reassuring. I felt understood and catered for rather than feeling thwarted. I enjoyed the challenge and wanted to be at the gym, it’s a massive reform!


Hi, My name is Suze and I started my PT group about 5 weeks ago.. How was I feeling before? Overweight, no energy and low self esteem. I suffer from anxiety and grief after losing my husband in 2015, I lost a lot of weight and over the last few years piled it back on again. I ate emotionally and got in a vicious cycle. I like being active and enjoy doing things. I wanted to feel fitter and feel better about myself again and was planning to do a coast to coast on my bike and new I had to do something to feel more energised.

How do I feel now?
After 5 weeks I have seen a big change in my energy levels. The PT sessions are a mixture of cardio and strength and I have done reps of things I never thought I could do. Leah encourages you to push your limits which is what I need. Being part of a group helps me to stay focussed and I enjoy going to the sessions. It helps me to keep going even on days where I feel emotionally drained. It has helped me to feel more energetic and give things a go. Leah really helps to keep you going.

the total transformation

We have helped thousands of people transform their lives through Health and Fitness . . but don’t just take our word for it, check out our Success Stories by downloading the Look Book below.

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the total transformation

We have helped thousands of people transform their lives through Health and Fitness . . but don’t just take our word for it, check out our Success Stories by downloading the Look Book below.

get the lookbook


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