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Once upon a time Fat loss was simple.


Then came the birth of Personal trainers, influencers, vegans, self-proclaimed health gurus & goat yogis bandying different science backed fat loss methods, leaving the average gym goer perplexed as to where they should start.


Confusion over HIIT, LISS, Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling and the like is commonplace.


Procrastination of some kind is almost guaranteed but certainly not necessary. Check out our no-frills approach to fat loss:


1. Set a goal that’s realistic for your body- If you are naturally built like Kate Upton, aiming to look like Kate Moss in 3-months is only going to lead to frustration and demolish your resolve to stick at it. Learn to accept and work with what you’ve got and make the absolute best of it!


2. Joined the local gym in January but no idea whether what you do there will work? Invest in a personal trainer, research group personal training, book some classes. Change doesn’t reside in your comfort zone on the cross trainer for 20 mins! Your body needs change to change… mix it up and pay the professionals to take care of planning your routine


3. Calories in VS Calories out – This part is crucial so pay attention, there’s literally no point hammering group training sessions and bootcamps whilst eating more calories than you expend. Download Myfitness pal (other tracking apps exist but this is most personal trainer’s fave) and TRACK YOUR FOOD until you get into the habit of consuming slightly less calories per day than you expend! The beauty of living in a tech crazy world is the App will work out how many calories you should be eating based on your goal, one less thing to think about!


4. Up your activity, not just your workouts – Going to the gym 2x per week is fine and dandy but if you are fairly inactive the rest of the week, this will stall your progress. Going for a 45-minute walk daily can amp up your fat loss results by 20 % in a 3-month period. You’d be daft not to!


5. Sleep – When we sleep, we recover, digest, grow, reset… sleep is magical and fixes everything (Even a bad mood!). Prioritise and protect your sleeping pattern with all your might – it’s a cornerstone of health and will help you lose weight by avoiding sleep deprived sugar binges (We have all been there)


Following these steps will help with Fat loss certainly.
Now all you need is a lorry load of consistency and you’ve cracked it!