When Christmas rears its merry head, an epidemic of fitness lovers losing their hard-won progress sweeps the nation.


Don’t let that be You this year, our simple hacks will help you enjoy the festive season without feeling completely out of shape and frustrated come January;

1. Don’t skip sessions – Personal training sessions and the like can fall down the list of priorities at this time of year but don’t do yourself the injustice of cancelling. Maintaining a level of fitness over Christmas will help you feel great at Xmas parties and lessen the ‘guilt’ that many people working towards weight loss goals feel when they relax a little


2. Away visiting family? No problem! Get outside for long walks together or ask your personal trainer for a fitness program you can do at home. Hate walking outdoors or spending every waking minute with relatives? Google gyms near me and do a guest pass at the nearest local gym; your personal space and fitness needs met in one hit.


3. Realise saying “It’s Christmas” before downing your 9th pint on the 1st December doesn’t make you exempt from gaining weight. Stay 80 per cent consistent in the build up to Christmas and indulge over the main bank holidays. This is damage limitation and will ensure you don’t spiral into despair come Jan when your fave gym leggings don’t fit anymore


And Finally – Enjoy! – We don’t want to fun sponge the merriment out of Christmas – It’s a time to rest, indulge a little and spend time with loved ones. Staying moderately active, drinking lots of water post cheese and wine night and enjoying some down time will all contribute to better results long term because you won’t feel deprived.


Tips and tricks that will help you control your cravings and STOP you reaching for the biscuit tin, a chocolate bar, packet of crisps or a glass of wine.