We help men and women lose inches off their waist, tone up and become healthier & happier versions of themselves whilst feeling confident inside and outside the gym

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4 Times Award Winning Gym Facility in the UK
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Here's How The Brand New, In Shape Confident You could Look In Just 6 Weeks

Less stressed and more focused at work

You will love having your photo taken

Feel comfortable in anything you wear

Feel 10x healthier and happier

Finally fit into the clothes you’ve been holding onto in the back of your wardrobe

Increased mobility with fewer aches and pains in a morning

Be a part of a close ego-free community that makes you feel safe, comfortable and confident

Feel 100% confident going out with your friends and family

Access To Our Unique System & Transformation Coaches So Your Can Feel Healthier, Happier & Look Your Best In The Shortest Time Possible

At Fit4Life we have the best coaches in Hyndburn and Rossendale who have been through an elite level of training to be able to bring you the best knowledge, experience and advice to guarantee you the amazing results in the quickest time possible. With less members, our coaches will be a friend to lean on and there to answer all of your questions

Take The Guesswork Out Of ‘Healthy Eating’ With Your Own Personalised Nutrition Plan

When it comes to food and drink, we get it, everyone is different. Which is why at FIT4LIFE Transformation Studio’s you will receive a personalised nutrition plan from our expert nutrition coaches. We will show you how to improve your eating so you are fueling your body WITHOUT getting rid of the food and drink you love.

Here’s How You Will Achieve Your Dream Results In The Quickest And Safest Way Possible

Be Apart Of A Close Ego-Free Community And Train Alongside Like Minded People With Similar Health Goals And Interests

Sometimes, being on a transformational journey is tough, however, we’re here to do the hard work for you. You will get to meet other people of similar ages to you, health and fitness goals to create a healthy competition and get to know new people in the community on the same journey as you.

We Aren’t Like Any Other Gym In The Area, We Will Never Have More Than 200 Members

This is how we are different from any other gym in the area. We will never have more than 200 members at FIT4LIFE Transformation Studios. This is so YOU feel comfortable and have the space you need. This allows our elite coaches to dedicate their time to YOU, the results YOU want and in the timeframe YOU want.

Everything You Will Have Access To Inside The FIT4LIFE Transformation Studio’s

  • A Brand New Club Refurbishment And Lounge
  • The Option To Purchase Healthy, Nutritious Meals
  • Enjoy A Pre Workout Coffee For That Extra Kick!
  • Catch Up On Your Emails Or Work On That Latest Project With Our Work Spaces
  • Full Health Analysis Using State Of The Art Body Scanners
  • Access To Our Regular Educational Seminars
  • Access To Our Fit4Life Kitchen
  • Quarterly Client Success Evenings To Get The Community Together And Show Off Your Amazing Transformation Every 90 Days
  • ​ Access To Our State Of The Art Saunas

How It All Started...

I first started out as a leisure centre attendant, from scrubbing out the sauna’s and changing rooms to eventually becoming manager of a gym. This gave me the love and drive and experience I needed to set up my own. It all started in my basement where I set up my own PT studio.
As I get busier and busier from my clients telling their friends and family all about my studio I needed to move to a bigger facility and fast!
I did the 5am wake ups to help as many people as I could reach their dream transformation, I finally reached my dream goal and that’s when Fit4Life was born…
Over the 5+ years we have had over 10,000 Clients walk through the doors of Fit4Life achieving amazing transformations for people in Hyndburn and Rossendale. Fit4Life was recognised at the National Fitness Awards for best newcomer, best boutique and best overall gym in the UK.
…This is exactly why we are reshaping Fit4Life into a RESULTS driven only club to give Hyndburn & Rossendale men and women the full body transformation they have always dreamt of and truly deserve.
Throughout my journey there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client have a new found spring in their step following a body (and mind) transformation, improving their confidence, self esteem and most importantly their relationship with their loved ones and friends…

What Our Transformation Clients Are Saying About Us…

We Don’t Just Care About Losing Inches Around Your Waist, We Care About You Feeling Confident In Your Body, Free From Stress, Full Of Energy, And Loving Your Life Everyday